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Dr Johnson Odakkal, PhD

Indian Navy Veteran, Faculty in Global Politics and Theory of Knowledge at Aditya Birla World Academy. Inspirational Speaker, Transformation Coach, Research & Career Guide. Connect TODAY to Find Your V.O.I.C.E

A Lifelong Learner and Inspirational Educator:

Dr. Johnson Odakkal is currently a Faculty of International Curriculum at Aditya Birla World Academy, teaching Global Politics and Theory of Knowledge. With an illustrious maritime career spanning over 39 years, his commitment to education began at a young age. His journey started as a substitute Mathematics Teacher for Grade VII & VIII in an ICSE School in Agra, UP, at just 16 years old. From those early days and his return to at role in teaching, he has consistently enriched the lives of countless students and professionals through his vast knowledge and dedicated mentorship.

An Accomplished Author and Publisher:

Dr Johnson Odakkal is not only a distinguished naval officer but also an accomplished author. His notable works include "Timeless Wake – The Legacy of Royal Indian Navy in World War II" and nearly 50 compilations, articles, and papers. Through his writings, he shares profound insights into maritime history and its enduring impact.

Leadership and Expertise in the Maritime Domain:

Throughout his esteemed naval career, Dr Johnson Odakkal has held critical leadership roles and contributed significantly to the field of maritime studies. He possesses a PhD in Civics & Politics, an M.Phil in Maritime Operations and International Relations, an M.Sc in Defence and Strategic Studies, and an M.Sc in Nautical Science and Tactical Operations. His vast expertise and knowledge have made him a valuable asset to numerous educational institutions and research organizations.

Empowering Individuals and Institutions:

As the Founder & CEO of Johnson Odakkal Initiatives, Dr Johnson is committed to empowering students and young professionals in areas of knowledge, growth, life navigation, and career guidance. His enterprise aims to transform individuals and institutions through personalized coaching and transformative insights.

Thought Leadership and Media Engagement:

Dr Johnson Odakkal's contributions extend beyond academia and training. He is a thought leader and has shared his expertise through various media channels. His articles and interviews on subjects ranging from naval history to national security have enriched public discourse.

Seminars, Workshops, and Symposiums:

Dr Johnson has been actively involved in planning and conducting seminars, workshops, and symposiums, fostering knowledge exchange and academic growth. He is dedicated to advancing the domains of maritime history, geopolitics, and leadership.

Mentorship and Social Impact:

Dr Johnson Odakkal's commitment to social impact is evident through his mentorship initiatives, where he engages with organizations like Sahaara Charitable Society. Through workshops on team building and career guidance, he strives to positively impact the lives of young individuals.

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Book Publication

Timeless Wake reveals the long – term imprint of our naval predecessor, the Royal Indian Navy, in an eventful decade prior to Independence. Set as a seamless bridge from our mercantile and military maritime heritage to the emerging Navy of a young India, it unfolds action from 1939 to 1945, across a wide theatre..From the North Atlantic to the Singapore Strait and much of the Indian Ocean, Indian officers and men left a living legacy as a wake that endures through the waters of Time. It captures the bold bravery of HMIS Bengal, highlights daring exploits of young Soman and Krishnan while chronicling the tireless efforts in the Arakan. This is our legacy and it is meant to inspire an enduring vision among young minds of a great nation and maritime warriors of a fine navy.

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