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Johnson Odakkal, PhD

is a Navy Veteran, Author & Internationally Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Research Guide & Growth Coach.

His professional seafaring journey commenced in November 1982 aboard Training Ship Rajendra, & then served the Indian Navy for 34 years, superannuating in the rank of Commodore, with final assignment as Director Maritime History Society from 2015 to 2021.

Authored “Timeless Wake – The Legacy of Royal Indian Navy in World War II” and many scholarly works he is a PhD in Civics & Politics from University of Mumbai in addition to an MPhil and two MSc degrees. As a Salt & Pepper Magic Maker, he is best placed to jump start your Growth Strategy, Knowledge Influence & Life Navigation!

He will be delighted to add value and build your growth mindset. Reach out at: 

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Book Publication

Timeless Wake reveals the long – term imprint of our naval predecessor, the Royal Indian Navy, in an eventful decade prior to Independence. Set as a seamless bridge from our mercantile and military maritime heritage to the emerging Navy of a young India, it unfolds action from 1939 to 1945, across a wide theatre..From the North Atlantic to the Singapore Strait and much of the Indian Ocean, Indian officers and men left a living legacy as a wake that endures through the waters of Time. It captures the bold bravery of HMIS Bengal, highlights daring exploits of young Soman and Krishnan while chronicling the tireless efforts in the Arakan. This is our legacy and it is meant to inspire an enduring vision among young minds of a great nation and maritime warriors of a fine navy.

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