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#JOI4U : Here to Add Value - Nov 9th, 2022

"Speak - Your Voice Matters" was the core theme of a recent outreach by us at #JohnsonOdakkalInitiatives through a webinar that saw 626 registrations. A follow on gain was three enthusiastic young knowledge interns pursuing an Under Graduate Programme at Tolani College of Commerce at Andheri in Mumbai, India. The addition of Riya, Shaima and Supriya comes with a fresh outreach season - #JOI4U & is an opportunity to share our highlights over the first week of November 2022 in four categories : #KnowledgeInfluence that enhances our awareness, #GrowthSolutions to have a forward mindset, #LifeNavigation through Leadership & Service and #CareerGuidance to open avenues over a vocational canvas. The weekly blog was on quick tips to a satisfying career! Read on especially if you missed our posts. Don't miss the Sign Off at the end of this Weekly Update!

#DidYouKnow! Oceans cover 362 mn sq km or 71% of Earth Surface. Only 131 mn sq km is under jurisdiction. Seas are Common Heritage of Mankind!

#GrowthSolutions : Habits that Build Confidence - Courage - Influence

Seek #Growth more than accomplishment #JOI #Growth series : 9 Habits to Build Confidence, Courage & Influence from Valorie Burton. Step 1. Focus on presentation! How you speak as much as what to speak.

#LifeNavigation : 10 Qs to Passion & Purpose

If Monday then #Transformation Day. 10 Qs to Find #Passion & #Purpose. Ask No 1. Do I Like What I am Doing Now? What Stops Me to Change If I don’t?

#CareerGuidance : Explore Careers - Cartographer

#ExploreCareers! Welcome to a new series where we look at various careers to help you find a niche. We begin with ‘CARTOGRAPHER’. Naturalist Peter Steinhart: "Maps are a way of organizing wonder." Launch this voyage with a Bachelor in Science with Geography as Major.

Gain Today : Book a #DISCovery Session

Sign Off : Shubho Boita Bandana at Bhubaneswar & Cuttack

Highlight of the Week has to be the opportunity to participate in Dhara Series of Initiatives by Indian Knowledge Systems Division of Ministry of Education, Government of India at "Samudra Manthan" with Ministry of Culture & Siksha O Anusandhan. It was wonderful to catch up with good friend and fellow maritime enthusiast Shri Sanjeev Sanyal, Member of Prime Minister of India's Economic Advisory Council. More details will be shared later. A pictorial relish follows

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