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A Seafaring Voyage

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The International Maritime Organization had themed this year’s International Seafarer Day, ‘Your voyage – then and now," asking seafarers to share their journey. Each year 25th June is commemorated as #DayofSeafarer since 2011.

Often pushed to the fringes of our awareness, #DidYouKnowThat #seafarers enable the critical movement of 80% of global trade by volume & 70% by value. Global economy runs on the unsung effort of seafarers! It is time to hear the narratives of those who sail beyond the shores of our terrestrial existence and make our daily lives run.

A LIVE recall of "A Seafaring Voyage" was streamed at 4:30 pm (IST) on 25 June 2022. It panned a journey that began nearly four decades hence and thus drawing focus to the seafarer of 2022. Watch afresh as a tribute on International Day of Seafarer 2022 to the larger global community on the ocean scape of our planet.

Video is available on JOI You Tube Channel & (click the link)

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