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Certified & An Alumni at #JohnMaxwellTeam

Life is an amazing gift and realised in hindsight. Countless blessings and limitless expanse would be the definition of potential, purpose and provision of the Creator and Comforter in every season. Some sixteen months ago, there came by a treasured moment when near four decades of seafaring professional journey and its rich legacy would lead me to join the John Maxwell Team (JMT) in December 2021. While Dr John C Maxwell, the founder and mentor says, "Everything Good is Uphill," I have been blessed to have enjoyed a turbo cruise level ride.

The entry into the voyage of significance aimed to be an International Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker. Resources dictated a phased payment plan with March 2022 being the possible date for full payment and certification. Learning season was immediate with amazing faculty and support of a complete village of excellence. March 2021 International Maxwell Certification (IMC) came by and I could cheer from the sidelines. Many reached out through scheduled calls and connections and encouraged to launch and learn to fly on the way down. Catching readily available thermals the moment of sustained flight arrived and changes were evident in how I spoke and interacted in my final months at my research based institution in the Indian Navy. At my retirement the team confirmed that I had transitioned with more compassion and intentionality than before.

Miraculous provisions were on repeat and the payment plan foreclosed to enable joining Mentorship level of my JMT Journey in July 2021. In the very first IMC in August 2021 where I was to get certified, I had the unbelievable privilege to be a Stage Time Semi-Finalist, all thanks to the Maxwell Method of Speaking mentored by the cheerful Roddy Galbraith. New York Time attendance from India meant jet lag without relocation! The IMC was a blast. Wish it would never end.

Goodies have continued to pour. Jim Edwards & Dexter have been amazing faculty for Content Marketing and Valorie Burton a superb Coach Trainer with excellent research based Positive Psychology principles. Ray Popham, Dan Caldwell, Deb Ingino, Jeff Henderson, Lorna Weston-Smyth and many others have been bulwarks of excellence in this season. Of course Chris Robinson and Mark Cole - You the #DoCrew are at a stratospheric level. Great to be friends with all of you. Papa John is forever the cheerful inspiration.

The training has borne fruit in the launch of a #Knowledge #Growth & #Life venture as #JohnsonOdakkalInitiatives on 17 November 2021 on the birthday of two of my best elements of life - Vineeta Johnson, my adorable wife and Sahil Mulla my faithful more than a son! The journey has just begun and as blessed at the launch the assurance is to turn the #OrdinarytoExtraordinary

Totally thrilled to the moon and back that in a day I will attend the March 2022 IMC as a returning alumni. Let us stay on track to #LeadingwithSignificance Do await follow on narrative at

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