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Celebrate the Season : God is With Us!

Christ(mas) is a season to remind of God’s love abiding with us as Emmanuel! A global celebration unfolds in different ways and traditions across different regions and communities.

Weather updates in most of USA and Canada show a "White Christmas" where many need warmth, power and family cheer. Many seasonal traditions have historical and even pre-1st Century origins in the European context. Africa, South America and Asia have added their own unique flavours to the celebrations.

The Bible reveals a few relevant verses that are good reminders. In the fullness of time, God in Heaven sent Jesus to Earth to be Born of a Virgin. He took our form as a Man to identify with us and through the Cross atone for all we fall short! Prophet Isaiah declared centuries before the birth of Jesus the mandate that Christ would have.

It’s not holly, decorated trees, cakes, songs, wreaths and holidays. They are wonderful celebrations that existed either before or added later! The actual date of Jesus Birth May have been in autumn or even spring. The Nord / Roman Winter Solstice transitioned to post Constantine era Christianity. Ultimate travail of modernity is to shorten the word to "Xmas" redacting the core of the celebration. A politically correct terminology beyond faith based segments is acknowledging it simply as "Happy Holidays!"

Festivities are certainly apt all through the year for celebrating Jesus being born as us but without sin. In His death on the cross and the resurrection Jesus becomes our Messiah when we believe in Him! Christ is the heart of this and every season.

Amidst your celebration this season do drop the X from Xmas and allow Christ Jesus to be born in your hearts 💕 The call is to freely receive the Gift of God which is His love for us. It fills us to share warmth, love and mercy in a measure of abundance. That is the precious gift of “God with Us” : Our Emmanuel.

Our posts and messages will go light till the coming year. Do stay in touch through our social media handles and our website #StaySafe #StaySmiling #SoarHigh


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