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On to 2022

As a year opened to hope of a return to some normalcy amidst a pandemic led pandemonium, who knew the journey that lay ahead? With a focus on what was achieved and many positive outcomes, we will discover it has been a great ride. Obviously the pandemic has not gone away! There is yet no restraint on our adaptability to changing situations with greater intentionality.

Some of us finally had a breakthrough from a prolonged patch of inertia. A few of us have moments of despair at the pace of hope and relief. Many have settled to yet another “new normal” regardless of the variant of newness! Almost all of us are engaged in processes that were totally alien just two New Year’s Eve ago.

This introduction is to ask us to reflect afresh on the common denominator of our unchanging social fabric that is expressed by a ubiquitous word “people”! Amidst social distancing too we had to engage with people. Digital or hybrid, the interaction is still with people. In the rapidly evolving turns and tacks we are tuned to people in a far wider spectrum than ever imagined. Unrecognised this maybe and yet we are connected with people. Intentionally or in an asynchronous mode, we covet a people response.

“People are Important!” I heard this first nearly 29 years hence. In the most detached or mechanised vocation the people factor determines progress and purpose. In a growing articulation of increased narcissism of the times, our validation comes from “people”. The pandemic may or may not have distanced us from one another. I believe it has subtly made us people conscious in more ways than we recognise.

It may take a while for my premise of “peopleness” to gain traction. I have chosen to be mindful with gratitude of people who enabled my journey through 2021. I am led by a strong inner voice to spend the next couple of days in reflection and recall how much a blessing people have been to me and my loved ones. No way I would be peeping at 2022 all by myself. I may take time to respond to my reflection to acknowledge specifically people who filled the year with cheer. Certainly I won’t have time to pore over what needs to be shed from memory.

To the many who may escape my recall or take time to hear, I thank you today for making my life a blessing. I pray that the Almighty makes you a richer source of influence in 2022.

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Dipesh Karmarkar, PhD
Dipesh Karmarkar, PhD
26 дек. 2021 г.

'To be mindful with a gratitude' is a significant message for all of us. Thanks, Sir.

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