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India@75 : Mahotsav of Unsung Warriors - Dedicated to Healthcare Diagnostics

India is a glorious country that is rooted on ethical norms, cultural traditions, and a rich human legacy. It is also a nation of stories about governance and geography, rich cultural past, a glorious present and an optimistic future. The celebration is about people across the length and breadth of the land of India and their continuing journey of freedom. The world takes note of a populace that having navigated storms and successes today proudly is poised to be an enduring voice of influence across the globe!

On the eve of its Panchsaptithi (75th Years) - Our India @75 the voyage from 15 August 1947 declares that there is a fresh vision for growth and significance. From digital diffusion to a diversified demography ‘Indian’ is a global tagline across language, intellect, dance and attire. The celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (Glorious Celebration of Freedom) is dedicated to the people of India who played a significant role in bringing India in its evolutionary journey. It recognises activation of India 2.0 being achieved with the help of a spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat (Self Reliant India) into an Amrit Kaal (Age of Glory).

Over two years, India, as a nation, has been resolute in its campaign in the unrelenting global war against Covid 19 pandemic. Efforts to manage the unprecedented challenge caused by COVID-19 infections have become a global success story, with both government and non-governmental sectors boosting preventive health-care facilities, diagnostic and research facilities, to mitigate the loss of human life. For planning and execution during these challenging circumstances, India has received plaudits both nationally and internationally. Despite the impact of the virus, India has resisted and has not seen a collapse in the supply chain of its health and food systems. India is proud to be able to diagnose its affluent and poor equally throughout this crisis. While the successful, developed nations were hoarding giant shares of vaccines and other medical supplies, India became a world distributor whilst managing its domestic needs as a part of its tradition Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

India, as well as the rest of the world, undoubtedly experienced a major catastrophe during the pandemic period. New sectors of frontline warriors have battled on, facing the difficult new normal during COVID-19 and addressing the deadly threat while still working, and yet resolute in purpose. The Indian healthcare system has evolved over time to be mostly centralised, expensive. Such treatment is costly in a nation where healthcare spending is low. The COVID pandemic made these truths much more obvious. It has also increased the urgency for a more distributed, decentralised, and responsive system. Similarly, clinical testing and diagnostics which earlier during the precovid period, considered not so economically favourable. But today with increase in healthcare awareness and improvised setup, the aforementioned mindset has been replaced.

The expectations on health care providers are shifting as a result of changing consumer behaviour, with a rising preference for non-traditional settings for the delivery of healthcare. Additionally, people are open to a longer-term relationship with service providers they come to trust and feel at ease with. The Johnson Odakkal Initiatives (JOI) was privileged to engage with one such service provider that values trust, while providing sophisticated pathology solutions : Metropolis Labs. Their brand manifesto proudly boasts –“We are pathology specialists. We believe in truths. We are convinced that every human being deserves to know truths, especially if they are about inner health. And our aim is to present these truths in the most human way possible”. Metropolis plays a pivotal role in raising the bar of diagnostic accuracy, technological equipment, customer experience and research-driven empathetic service in the industry.

We as Team JOI cherish the unsung heroes in healthcare diagnostics, their contributions, and their stories. On 12 August 2022 Metropolis Lab celebrated Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and invited two distinguished veterans. Col P Shashidharan, VSM, CRO & Tour Director of Tibro Tours at the event inspired Team Metropolis to imbibe high ideals of the Indian Military while progressing individual and institutional growth.

It was a personal inspiration as many from Team Metropolis shared their adoration of the motivating personal stories shared by CEO of JOI, Commodore (Dr) Johnson Odakkal, an Indian Navy Veteran. A heart touching narrative reflected pride at what an Indian was able to achieve and gain in serving the nation. Beginning from a poignant point as a 12 year old and intertwined with stories from his freedom fighter father, Dr Johnson enthralled the audience with the story of ‘Dreams come True’. His visit to Hawaii, Switzerland, and to stand on the Prime Meridian at Greenwich Observatory were captivating. There was in the air a belief that anyone's life can change thanks to our glorious country.

Commodore Johnson had earlier in a special activity triggered off with Col Shashidharan a thumb printed flag which was inked by the Metropolis Lab Team. A creative depiction of the Tricolour was an adorable celebration of the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav!

The nation and its people would be well served in recognising the unsung army of healthcare diagnostic professionals across institutions such as Metropolis Labs. The phlebotomists, the histopathologists, the diagnostic technicians and the many support teams continue to be relentless in their mission to enhance the advanced healthcare of a fit and robust population.

At JOI, we engage with people and organisations to learn about their journeys, which are then curated, channelized, and accomplished applying pragmatic skills and abilities in ways that were never thought to be feasible. We hope to serve as a facilitator for anybody seeking to modify their way of thinking or their way of living. We highly encourage you to embark on this journey with us and get the agility of Structure, Hope, Integration, Joy, and Transformation!

Reach out to us at and allow us the honour to curate your journey of Life Navigation.

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Sudhir Dongare
Sudhir Dongare
Aug 15, 2022

Very needed focus on Healthcare system of Nation. Though the overall allocation for health went up by about 16%, from Rs. 73,931 crore last year to Rs. 86,200 crore this year, the Centre actually ended up spending Rs.82,920 crore last year, making the actual allocation for this year only about 0.2 % higher. I am very much surprised of this step by Government. Just because Covid19 effect reduced largely, we stopped to spending money on Healthcare? Why we are not having futuristic approach!

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