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Indian Maritime Prowess : Then & Now

Updated: May 2, 2022

The maritime heritage of India spans many millenia. It is a journey of community, tradition and nautical knowledge which has revealed as much as what is yet to be discovered. On Indian National Maritime Day 2022, our CEO & Founder Cmde (Dr) Johnson Odakkal traced the maritime journey of India. Tracing from Indian mythology to the historical empires that utilised the power of the seas to expand on connectivity, commerce and culture he highlighted the rich knowledge that in the Indian maritime ecosystem and through which a legacy is being further built. The focus lies on how India can change its growth trajectory from another maritime sea power to a centrality as a rich blue economy. It is time for India to build collaborative competence with other nations to strengthen the oceanic networks and sea connections within the region.

The talk titled, “Indian Maritime Prowess : Past, Present & Perspective” outlined the rich legacy inherited by the Indian Navy and its evolution from colonial times to today. In 75 years of nation-building the highlights included growth of Indian Navy to become the 4th largest Navy in the world. It is a visible symbol of the policy of statecraft and the power that represents the vibrancy and the aspirations of a resurgent Maritime India. The initiatives that the Prime Minister had declared in 2016 through the SAGAR policy (Security And Growth for All in the Region) are emerging are instruments of revival in the oceanic commons and in the maritime sector. The focus on the seas and ocean has been a way of being a dominant force in global politics. It also enables states with vast amounts of resources that help in the development and attributes to social and economical growth. To access the full talk at Pragna Bharti, watch the full video here. The second chapter from min 11:56 to 45:50 (Chapter II) is the core talk followed by a captivating Q & A Session.

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