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JOI 2022 : When Eyes Light Up!

Dateline transition from December 31st, 2022 to January 1st, 2023 unwraps a spectrum of emotions, experiences and enthusiasm across the planet. To us at Team #JOI (Johnson Odakkal Initiatives) #Year2022 has been a great learning experience described by team members as #KrazyKiyaRe or and awesome #RollerCoaster! Dedicated towards #Knowledge #Growth #Life stand out highlights for us have been 14-21 year olds or the community of #HighSchoolers & #UnderGraduates Subject wise the influence varied from Mathemagic, Legal History, Heritage & Legacy, Building Habits, Maximise your Message to Progress Well with great relish.

Attempting to capture the “Kraziness” of #JOI2022 in one word, we brain-stormed and mapped it down to “ILLUMINATION” that kind of explains the title of this year end piece : “When Eyes Light Up!”

GNLU (Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar) Integrated LLB (5Y) Batch 2021-2026 was the opener that saw 207 undergraduates become co-voyagers in forays into legal traditions across the many legal traditions in world history. Our internships primarily focused on building undergraduate participants from History, Heritage, Law and Commerce into diving through daily newspapers and finding their own voice did matter. The October 14th, 2022 webinar on “Maximise Your Message” webinar saw 646 registrations! That led us to undertake a collaborative Two-Credit Course with the same title at Tolani College of Commerce (Autonomous), Andheri, Mumbai from November 16th to December 20th, 2022. 38 young enthusiasts discvered they had a unique voice that mattered.

There was a lot more! Briefly we saw a PhD guidance journey move to next level at the Naval War College, Goa. Writings unfolded in mainstream media and with TV debut at the commissioning of INS Vikrant. Training and Coaching in Leadership and Personal Growth have been major waypoints on our work calendar. Mentorship through Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator & Student Success & Career Reports have enhanced our reach and influence. Yet one opportunity stands out to capture our heart and motivation as described next.

An NGO approached us as a part of their initiative for educating high school students of sex trafficked workers. Without sharing specifics we wish to affirm that this was the core and peak encouragement as Team JOI. The initiative was to give the gleaming eyes the much needed encouragement that “dreams come true”. The NGO is working in a Red Light area, giving direct attention to students catering their needs like basic nutrition, value education and most importantly mentoring. Education is key to the healthy development of people and nation. Providing this to the children will ensure their future generations will have the opportunity to look towards a brighter future.

Home is the first learning place for any individual, also the very first and foremost institution in development. The first hand education and upbringing a child receives and which further mould their mind and personality. We often see people with troubled childhood suffer in adulthood from the trauma, thus a careful examination is very important at this age to understand individual needs and a solution oriented approach towards life. The NGO is doing exactly that, to help the children to be of value for themselves.

JOI conducted a Progress Well workshop, from expensive but high quality resources, designed in a way for everyone first to understand that each one is unique and thus their road to success will be unique too. We fail to understand this very important thing that there is no perfect way to success, and we certainly can't follow the trail of another successful person. With a distinctive DISC methodology, we were able to encourage children to understand suitable career options based on their nature and choices. The high water experience was to see the eyes of those aspirational dreamers light up when they understood that their dreams would come true!

As we welcome #Year2023 we at JOI seek your blessings and ask you to let us be your “INSPIRATION”! Let us make you believe that you can “Dare to Dream” even if it will be a continuing roller-coaster ride of excitement.

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Have an Inspirational 2023!


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