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EMBARK on a Voyage to Find Your V.O.I.C.E.

As dawn breaks over the breath-taking vistas of Solan District, Himachal Pradesh, an air of anticipation hangs in the Himalayan mist. Fifty fervent professionals, a part of #TheOutreachCollective, embark on a journey to Shoolini University, a gem in the crown of Indian academia, ensconced amidst nature's grandeur. It is a maiden coalescence of #admissions, #outreach, #careerguidance, #edtech professionals & #entrepreneurs to learn, collaborate & contribute!

Today, I am reminded of a #ThisDayinHistory event - the addition of a leap second to the world clocks for the first time on June 30, 1972. It made me ponder - what wonders could we achieve with an extra second? What if that second was used to decide to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

High Schoolers, Educators, Parents alike, it's your moment, just like that leap second, to make a pivotal decision. Set sail on your transformative journey of #DISCovery, and find Your V.O.I.C.E.! It's your time to embrace the freedom to venture deep within and unlock the door to your authentic self.

On this quest may we seek to:

  • Embrace the journey, heralding the start of our transformation.

  • Move past fear, harness it to fuel our resolve.

  • Believe in the boundless potential within us.

  • Act on our insights, let them illuminate our path.

  • Rekindle relationships and foster new connections.

  • Kindle the flame of continuous learning and growth.

Unveiling your V.O.I.C.E. involves an inspiring journey to recognise your unique message. It's about overcoming personal barriers, fuelling connections, nurturing a learning spirit, and ultimately, empowering transformation in yourself and others.

I am Commodore (Dr) Johnson Odakkal, a seasoned Indian Navy Veteran, devoted Educator, and Transformation Coach, proudly leading JOI as the Founder and CEO. I extend an invitation to accompany me on this journey to maximise your message, discover your unique voice, and wield it as a catalyst for positive change.

Ready for transformation? Amplify your voice, because every voice matters. Begin your journey with a #DISCoverySession. Stay connected at or email It's your T.I.M.E. to embark on your VOYAGE PLAN Today!

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