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Grow With Us : Research Internship (Spring 2023)

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Johnson Odakkal Initiatives (JOI) is a venture that is geared to jump start your journey through transformational leadership coaching. Knowledge Influence is leveraged through high order of inspirational, academic & strategic content. We at JOI also empower a small strategic team or core group to collaboratively multiply effectiveness transforming into an assured outcome based voyage!

Grab this Opportunity to Learn! An Internship at JOI is an unparalleled medium to learn and grow for students, scholars and young professionals. The knowledge influence segment of this initiative leads you to a journey of self-discovery to get you ready for a full time vocational life. Interns will be working closely with JOI associates under guidance of JOI CEO, Dr. Johnson Oddakal. Assignments such as research, content creation and media curation and creating JOI’s digital presence will be few of the tasks assigned in addition to support in the knowledge space. Details are outlined subsequently.

Research & Content Internship

Eligibility :

  • Pursuing or completed Post Graduate Studies in area of common interest

  • Undergraduates keen on building research and content writing skills may also be considered if found otherwise enterprising

  • Willingness to work on Hybrid Model (up to 15 hours a week) with at least one or two days in-person engagement at Mumbai Central / Lower Parel

  • Digital Competence and eagerness to learn and apply evolving skills in Content Curation & Digital Media.

  • Excellent observation, verbal & written communication skills in English with keenness to grow in Research Writing

Duration of the Internship :

Interns are expected to give a commitment of 6 weeks. While the current Internships has commenced on 6th February, 2023 a few areas still remain open for internship.

Fields of Study :

Interdisciplinary Work involving the following

  • Geopolitics & Maritime Security

  • History & Culture in Maritime Domain

  • Knowledge Influence : Governance, Law & Behavioural Issues

Guidance will be provided to build on an expected minimum awareness of a few areas among the above.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates need to fill in a Google Form at It has option to upload an updated resume and a current photograph. Shortlisted candidates will be intimidated via email for interview availability.

Do check us out at the parent website and earlier blogs to get an understanding of our areas of work. Candidates will be expected to have a preview of expected scope of work.

You could email any queries or amplifications needed to

Benefits from the internship :

The said internship will help budding scholars who want to enhance their knowledge influence and pursue a career in the field of international relations, global security, history, heritage, public policy and research. Trust the process as there will be tangible enhancement of knowledge and sharpened leadership capabilities.

Grab the opportunity to learn through the practical experience and enhance your professional skills with JOI. Be a part of a learning journey and Dare to Dream!

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