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#JOI4U : Here to Add Value - Nov 30th, 2022

#JOIWeeklyRoundUp for November 30th, 2022 comes delightfully placed with a week full of engagement anchored on 26/11 the 73rd Constitution Day & Samvidhan Diwas, while honouring the valiant defenders against the ghastly Mumbai Attacks 14 years ago. Time to say #NeverAgain as the call is for vigil and development of the coastal sector, ports and coastal communities. Team JOI stood to draw attention to #Growth #Life #Knowledge & #Careers and even a special write up on climate and ocean sustainability. It was the web debut of our intern Shaima Pasha as one of the awesome trio of effectiveness. Enjoy this concluding edition of our weekly roundup for the month of November 2022.

#DidYouKnow! Sagarmala is an initiative by Government of India under National Development Plan to promote port-led direct and indirect development and provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Stay connected at

Source : Press Information Bureau, Government of India Cabinet

#GrowthSolutions : Habits that Build Confidence - Courage - Influence

Seek #Growth more than accomplishment #JOI #Growth series Valorie Burton says, “Creating an influence requires one to build trust with mutual respect for one another.”

#LifeNavigation : 10 Qs to Passion & Purpose

#JOI4U #Transformation Day. 10 Qs to Find #Passion & #Purpose. Ask No 4. Do I know why I want to do what I would like to do? That is a vital ask for which help may be required.

#CareerGuidance : Explore Careers - Horticultural Therapist

A #HorticulturalTherapist educate their patients about the natural properties of plants and explain how to use plants therapeutically. Activities such as planting, walking through a park or garden, collecting flowers, making flower arrangements are all undertaken by the Therapist. The Horticulture field is a diverse and required career, with many opportunities for growth in the future as new technologies become available. Stay connected to know about unique careers.

Gain Today : Navigate Better. Book a #PersonalNavigationPlan

Sign Off : We seek to be People of Value who Value You & Add Value to You!


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