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History, Geopolitics, and the Future: A Global V.O.I.C.E.

The study of history and an interdisciplinary approach are essential for navigating the complexities of today's global environment. I am delighted to reveal that I have found myself in the hallowed pages of two successive special editions of the #MPIDSA Journal of Defence Studies. The contents emphasise the deeply held principles of exploring Global Politics from multiple lenses that cover the past, contemporary geopolitics and a strategic vision. In specific terms the two article examine the potential for India-Africa maritime cooperation and the transformative role of AI in shaping the future of air space management.

In "Collaborative Competence Building for a Better India-Africa Maritime Order," [check link] I examine the historical context of this burgeoning relationship. To address shared concerns like non-conventional threats, the blue economy, and food cum energy security, I propose a competence-based partnership, aligning with India's 'SAGAR' vision.

My second article, "Dynamic Maritime Airspace Management: The Philosophy for an AI Environment", [check link] explores the evolution of maritime airspace management and the potential of AI to revolutionise this field. Effective management is crucial, especially in the context of India's vast EEZ and initiatives like the IFC-IOR.

I'm deeply grateful to the MPIDSA JDS for providing a platform for this research and to my esteemed co-author, Neeraj Singh Manhas, for his invaluable contributions. In fact Neeraj spurred me to examine these critical issues. He provided a valuable span of literature review and added coherence to the articles.

The timeline of these articles from concept to print reveal the deep rigour that is vital for academic diligence. As a faculty for IBDP Global Politics, History and Theory of Knowledge I find the vital need for the same diligence on a daily basis. If you share my passion for global politics, comparative history, or maritime studies, let's connect! I'm always happy to offer guidance, whether you're seeking academic mentorship or exploring career pathways in these fascinating fields.

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