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Quick Tips for a Satisfying Career

“93% Indian Students Aware of Just Seven Career Options” was the headline of an article by Roshni Chakrabarty in India Today (Feb 5, 2019). The importance of choosing the right career for a satisfying professional life is vital.

"Your Career is your Business. It’s time for you to manage it as a CEO." Dorit Sher, a Business Transformation expert and CEO of Experity

What is our option?

“You're a change maker” & “No Pain No Gain” are perhaps two of the many quick quotes you must have heard from influencers, mentors and the neighbourhood uncle. Does anyone walk with us or chart the roadmap to success? Hardly! Where does that leave us? The success road is along different and unique territory for each one of us. An ideal path is exactly that - too ideal. What works involves wisdom to explore, test and pilot until you realise what is your voice and your big message towards life. Your “Why”, which is basically your purpose in life, is going to help you hear your voice and help make an informed decision. That is an effective option to chart our path to significance!

In real terms, how do we know which is the right path for oneself? Consider three tips to follow to know your "Why" and therefrom your career in life.

Three Quick Tips

Starting stage is Self Assessment. While awareness enables clarity, assessed awareness is vital. Self assessment is the foremost step towards identifying goals or waypoints in our growth trajectory. For free or for a fee, there are a host of self assessment tests online. It is essential to assess and thereafter work with someone further along the path to unpack the assessment. A debrief session helps you understand your choices with a much better clarity. Author of the Book, “FOR”, Jeff Henderson says, “When, what you are known for gets aligned with what you want to be known for, that gives you the ultimate answer which you’re looking for.” Self assessment needs to identify a strength based examination of harnessing the best You for Your Success.

Another key tip is Understanding your Non-Negotiables. This is a ‘values’ question. Every individual has certain non-negotiables they live by. These can range from ethics or principles to certain routines that one likes to follow and live. Your non-negotiables in life help to understand your choices thus paving way for better learning and successive career growth. Once on a set vocational path it is hard to reconcile conflict of values, routines and priorities. A coach would be key to help us clarify what our non-negotiables are.

The next stage is the core effort and it is to Make the Menu. This has multiple steps beginning with a detailed list of options and possibilities. Determined by one’s behavioural profile, academic inclination and purpose in life the bouquet of careers is identified and narrowed down to a specific menu which outlines the sequential steps to follow. Many would need to have a primary choice along with a few secondary options depending on how much of a niche is the chosen career. The process itself will trigger inner clarity to make the apt choice.

Take Help

Often the process of understanding and choosing a career becomes full of stress. Never hesitate to take help. Among many options, consider registering for a DISCovery Session with #JOI at

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