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Knowledge - Growth - Life through Engaging Internship

Johnson Odakkal Initiatives (JOI) is a venture that is geared to jump start your journey through transformational leadership coaching. Knowledge Influence is leveraged through high order of inspirational, academic & strategic content. We at JOI also empower a small strategic team or core group to collaboratively multiply effectiveness transforming into an assured outcome based voyage!

Grab this Opportunity!

An Internship at JOI is an unparalleled medium to learn and grow for students, scholars and young professionals. The knowledge influence segment of this initiative leads you to a journey of self-discovery to get you ready for a full time vocational life.

Interns are expected to work closely with the JOI associates in data compilation and archiving in a systematic way. Assignments will push them to research, content work and curate media and digital presence. The work strengthens the backend construction, market outlook and effectiveness strategies. Previous interns were involved in cataloguing of the books and management of the ‘Heritage for Legacy’ workshop.

JOI is offering internships in two categories commencing 16 September 2022.

  • Heritage & Archival Internship

  • Knowledge Content Internship

Common Criterion & Eligibility

  • Willingness to work on Hybrid Mode with at least two to three in-person engagements at JOI Centre, Thane (W), Mumbai.

  • Eagerness to learn and apply evolving skills in Content Curation & Digital Media.

  • Excellent observation, verbal & written communication skills in English

  • Competence in Digital & Media work

Heritage & Archival Internship

  • Archiving Books, Documents & Digital Content on Military, Encyclopaedia, Maritime, Heritage, and more.

  • Project will involve segregation, keyword generation and cataloguing of content.

  • Scan of assigned news articles & archiving for targetted retrieval.

  • Curation of Heritage Content as assigned

Eligibility : Undergraduates, fresh graduates and enthusiasts with interest in Archaeology, History, or Political Science.

Duration : Interns are expected to give a minimum commitment of 4 weeks.

Knowledge Content Internship

  • Curating Digital Content on International Relations, Governance, History & Heritage.

  • Scan of assigned news articles & archiving for targetted retrieval.

  • Unpacking Media Content involving Transcripts, Edits and Repacking

  • Social Media Content Curation

Eligibility : Undergraduates and / or fresh graduates in Mass Media, or in Humanities (preferably Political Science & History) with excellent Digital Skills.

Duration : Interns are expected to give a minimum commitment of 4 weeks. Internships will be on a continuing basis.

What Next?

Methodology of Engagement : Mail a resume with a good cover email to . Shortlisted candidates will have a telephonic / digital interaction. After selection, an orientation will be held in-person

Benefits from the internship : These internships will help students and budding scholars who want to pursue a career in field of history, heritage, public policy and research. There will be tangible enhancement of knowledge and develop management and leadership qualities.

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