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New Day - New P.E.R.S.P.E.C.T.I.V.E.

Unveiling the Path to Purpose

#CampusTimes! As I strolled through the GNLU Campus environs yesterday morning, I was able to witness a captivating sunrise and the landscape awakening with a sense of clarity. I was reminded of the importance of a daily fresh perspective. Nature in its daily transformation and transitions serves as an inspiring reminder that each new day presents an opportunity to embrace new beginnings and cultivate a sense of purpose in our lives.

In the spirit of that rejuvenation, I reflected to craft these thoughts as an acrostic of the word PERSPECTIVE! Hope it serves as a guiding light to foster personal growth and transformation. May you and I be encouraged to embrace this insight and chart a journey towards significance.

Purpose: Purpose, the guiding light in our journey, to direct our course in life, illuminating our path to significance.

Energise: Energise your mind and synchronise it with your heart, fostering harmony and balance within.

Rejuvenate: Rejuvenate your spirit, embracing unexpected pauses as opportunities to refresh and refocus.

Serve: Serve others selflessly, and find that you too will be supported in times of need.

Persevere: Persevere in your prayers for the well-being of others, transcending personal desires, and connect with the divine.

Envision: Envision the brightest possibilities even when details remain shrouded in mist.

Challenge: Challenge yourself by daring to surpass your limits, stretching beyond boundaries in pursuit of greatness.

Tune: Tune in swiftly to the ambient rhythm of your surroundings, orchestrating a symphony of success.

Integrate: Integrate life's learnings into your daily routines, constructing an enduring foundation for growth.

Value: Value the worth of others, embodying the virtues of a person who consistently contributes and uplifts.

Embrace: Embrace life as a never-ending odyssey, exploring the vast expanse of experiences and legacy.

Embody the essence of these reflections, and you'll find yourself stepping into a renewed sense of purpose and alignment with your true calling. Reach out, seek support, and embark on your own odyssey, cultivating the courage to navigate life's challenges with a fresh and inspired perspective. Grab the chance to book a #DISCovery session at


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