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#JOI4U : Here to Add Value - Dec 07th, 2022

#JOIWeeklyRoundUp is a day of excitement for #TeamJOI to give our enthusiastic friends & followers an overview of the week with gratitude. Chief highlight of the first 7 days of December 2022 was #NavyDay22! Three of our content gifted to you bridged an awareness of the multifaceted and vibrant #IndianNavy. Cmde (Dr) Johnson Odakkal, CEO JOI scripted a forward looking visionary tribute on December 4th, 2022 : Navy Day. Relive the week and do connect & comment on this #JOI4U roundup.

Read our Special Navy Week 2022 Blog at Indian Navy : A Visionary Force

#KnowledgeInfluence : Indian Navy

#DidYouKnow! The Indian Navy has been designated as the Indian Ocean Region's ‘First Responder’. It indicates the country's increasing competence and readiness to embrace the position of a leading nation.

#GrowthSolutions : Habits that Build Confidence - Courage - Influence

Seek #Growth above #Accomplishment #JOI #Growth series. 9 Habits to Build Confidence, Courage & Influence by Valorie Burton. She opines how one needs to be less concerned about finding right answers and more about asking right questions.

#LifeNavigation : 10 Qs to Passion & Purpose

#JOI4U Monday is #Transformation Day. 10 Qs to Find #Passion & #Purpose. Ask No 5. Do I know what to do so I can do what I want to do? Find more in a DISCovery Session at

#CareerGuidance : Join Indian Navy

#JOI4U #ExploringCareers Love challenges, adventure & wish to make a difference? A great career awaits you. The Indian Navy guarantees a secure future, global influence & leadership skills. More at

Gain Today : Navigate Better. Book a #PersonalNavigationPlan

Watch out for an amazing #HigherEducation update in the coming week!

Sign Off : We seek to be People of Value who Value You & Add Value to You! Allow us to Serve & Add Value to You!

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