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#JOI4U : Here to Add Value - Dec 14th, 2022

#JOIWeeklyRoundUp Welcome to a continuing season of Christmas Advent in the second week of December 2022 with JOI. Most of the past 10 days saw JOI Lead and Ops Associates holding fort at Mumbai. Meanwhile, I (Dr Johnson Odakkal, CEO) was part of the Academic Inaugural and Student Orientation of the India International University of Legal Education and Research at Upasnagar in South Goa. Do continue reading to have a taste of our week.

#KnowledgeInfluence : Shipwrecks

#DidYouKnow! The study of shipwrecks offers a fascinating and challenging look into our past. These undersea treasures provide a rich collection of knowledge, beauty, and legacy, whether you're diving for fun or for research. It is essential to conserve this treasure because their stories are entwined with the rich fabric of local history.

#GrowthSolutions : Habits that Build Confidence - Courage - Influence

#JOI #Growth series! Seek #Growth over #Accomplishment. Coach Valorie Burton mentions how one can easily take you for granted if you underestimate your value & undermine your goals.

#LifeNavigation : 10 Qs to Passion & Purpose

#JOI4U #Transformation Day. 10 Qs to Find #Passion & #Purpose from Dr John Maxwell. Ask No 6. Do I know people who would like to do what I do?

#CareerGuidance : Bed Tester

#JOI4U #ExploringCareers If we told you that you could sleep for a living, would you believe us? The answer is YES! you can, as a professional sleeper, even though it might seem too good to be true.

Know about unique careers. Connect for more at

Gain Today : Navigate Better. Book a #PersonalNavigationPlan

Sign Off : We seek to be People of Value who Value You & Add Value to You! Allow us to Serve & Add Value to You!

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