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#JOIWeeklyRoundUp - Here to Add Value - Dec, 21st 2022

#JOI4U #WeeklyRoundUp Adding Value, a core focus of JOI has been the hallmark of the third week of the year. With multiple engagements, it was a thrill ride for the JOI team. Enjoy an update on two special updates along with our regular weekly features.

A Leadership Summit was hosted by JOI as part of an annual JOI event. "Leadership in the Twenty-First Century" was the focus of our Annual Summit. Facilitated by Anupama Kinatukara, a certified DISC Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Leadership Coach with The Maxwell Leadership Team. The Chief Host was Dr. Johnson Odakkal, CEO JOI. The International faculty included Dr John C Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni and Jeff Henderson. Together they inspired a small cohort in a board room setting to refocus on their individual journeys and cast a strength based perspective towards Vision 2023. Watch out for a full report to be released early next year and details of #LeadershipSummit 2023!

#Maximise Your #Message - Your Voice Matters

Team JOI finds great satisfaction successfully completing the two-credit Maximize Your Message course offered in partnership with Tolani College of Commerce (Autonomous), Andheri, Mumbai. We feel immensely honoured to be the torchbearers for the young folks gearing up for their professional careers. We're highly grateful to Prof (Dr) Vijaya Krishna, Principal Tolani College; Dr. Vasudev Iyer, Vice Principal Tolani College for their keen interest to enhance Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate students with life skills. Their initiative to invite us resulted in hitherto shy and hesitant participants give confident video presentations on subjects of their choice. Dr Sadhana Venkatesh as the faculty coordinator was a key resource person to make this unique venture a great success. This is an amazing learning opportunity for any institution and we at JOI will be delighted to progress it because you voice matters!

#DidYouKnow The ocean is home to a swarming world of microbes, including bacteria, viruses, archaea, protists, and fungi that are invisible to the human eyes. Microbes play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate environment of the oceans. Microbes would make up 90% of the weight of all marine life if it were measured.

#GrowthSolutions : Habits that Build Confidence - Courage - Influence

#JOI #Growth series! Seek #Growth over #Accomplishment. Ms. Burton while emphasising on how to build a confident self states that people should be mindful when they speak as our words are currency.

#LifeNavigation : 10 Qs to Passion & Purpose

#JOI4U #Transformation Day. 10 Qs to Find #Passion & #Purpose from Dr John Maxwell. Continuing from last week is Ask No 7. What would you like to do with one who is willing to mentor? Dr John Maxwell says, "Never loose on an opportunity to learn!". One needs to be a life long learner to attain greatest heights in their life.

#CareerGuidance : Perfumer

#JOI4U #ExploringCareers A job in the perfume industry offers a variety of rewarding opportunities. A perfumer is a professional in the formulation of perfume and is referred to as a nose due to their fine sense of smell and expertise in developingolfactory compositions.

Gain Today : Navigate Better. Book a #PersonalNavigationPlan

At work we seek to enhance the ability of a person to leave a lasting impression of their peers, supervisors and subordinates. The blog highlights advantages of strong work ethics in their professional journey.

Sign Off : We seek to be People of Value who Value You & Add Value to You! Allow us to Serve & Add Value to You! As we head to the holiday season and the last week of the year do stay safe and cherish time with family and friends!


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