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Monsoon 2022 with Heritage!

Enhancing #KnowledgeInfluence is a key segment at #JohnsonOdakkalInitiatives and the transition from summer to monsoon season of 2022 was ushered in by a four week Heritage & Collections Internship from 6th June to 1st July 2022.

Overview of Internship

Coordinated by Ms Sukhada Joshi, Senior Associate (Operations) & herself an avid museum cum archiving professional, the internship season was made possible by a dynamic duo of young history under-graduates. Ms Sanika Raut and Ms Unnati Vedak of Ramnarain Ruia College, Matunga, Mumbai used the period prior to the start of their Second Year B.A. to assist Team #JOI to archive a treasure trove in the form of a personal collection of books and documents on seafaring, military, navy, geopolitics, psychology, leadership, education, history, maritime heritage and much more. This was at the Thane centre of JOI.

Sanika and Unnati undertook painstaking cataloguing of 400 plus books apart from launching a rare venture of news archiving to build knowledge snippets. They progressed distribution, accessioning, digital cataloguing, and archiving of a varied spread of content and publications. The work undertaken would build the growing authority of JOI on knowledge influence canvas, with a focus on global dynamics, maritime studies, governance, heritage, and sustainable ocean development, providing interns with a fantastic academic opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Experience Sharing

Watch a video capturing the experience of this special heritage internship & relish the journey of the young history enthusiasts at JOI.

A Special Invite

We welcome students, researchers, and heritage enthusiasts to take note of the appeal made by our interns to join our forthcoming workshop, 'Heritage for Legacy,' which begins on July 19th. Do register today!

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